Sunday, January 13, 2008


Habits are something which take time to form and even more time to break. In march of 2007 I had a wedding to go to back on the east coast. I showed up with two maxed out credit cards ($8000) and $175 cash in hand. That was all I had. The tux ran me $160 and I had $15 left to my name. This was the point in my life that I realized I had habits that needed to change. So I began my financial quest to get back on my feet. through the last 9 months I have made great strides to clean up my mess. So here is how my finances break down:


$2300 savings
$1700 checking
$332 Roth IRA
$1500 HSA
$675 stocks/etf's
$157 Prosper

$6604 Total


($2700) Credit card
($15200) Truck
($7800) Medical Bills

)$25700) Total

NET WORTH ($19,096)

So there you have it, my starting point for this blog

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