Tuesday, February 26, 2008

10 best, 10 worst

Over my life I have made plenty of financial decisions, this is a list of my ten best and worst choices. Hopefully some of you will be able to learn from my mistakes and growth!

  1. Not paying off accounts on time; if ever early in my life
  2. Not funding my "father sponsored" IRA early on
  3. Having no money set aside monthly into savings
  4. Spending all if not more than I made
  5. Buying items at full price, than selling them for half price
  6. No financial goals established earlier on
  7. Not carrying health insurance
  8. Not buying property when I had the chance
  9. No investments set up early on
  10. Buying stocks I knew nothing about
  1. Establishing automatic withdrawals
  2. Educating myself on all financial matters
  3. Asking for what I was worth at my job interview
  4. Opening up an ING account
  5. Driving vehicles to their death
  6. Saving for future expenses
  7. Grocery shopping wisely
  8. Getting my library card
  9. Quitting smoking
  10. Learning to do repairs myself instead of paying someone else to do the work

I will expand on these topics in my next posts, Stay tuned!

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