Sunday, February 17, 2008

net worth

ok, it has been a month since I first wrote of my finances, time to take a look at what has happend in the last month


Savings $4201.35
Checking $1800
Roth IRA $364
HSA $1227.33
Stocks/ETFs $897.30
prosper $157.17



Credit Cards ($3563)
Truck ($14803)
Medical bills ($7700)


Net Worth ($17418.85)

change of $1677

The big changes this month in assets was my regular adding to my accounts. liabilities look a little bigger due to me runnning up a card that I have not paid off yet. It will be $1000 less in a few days.

The other problem is that my savings account will also be used to pay off taxs in a few months, and that will mess up my net worth pretty quickly, but I will be able to recover fairly well.

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